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SA has reached a turning point in pandemic, local researchers say

Tamar Kahn

Study urges government to focus on vaccinating people over 50, who are at greatest risk of severe illness or death from Covid-19, rather than pushing to immunise young adults and children

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Disgruntled mining unions gear up for strike at Sibanye-Stillwater

Luyolo Mkentane

Unions decry mine’s ‘intimidation tactics’ and bulked-up security

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ANTHONY BUTLER: SACP romance with Russia blind to its colonial project

Ambivalence about Vladimir Putin in SA fails to recognise decolonial struggles in the region

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Nersa approves 9.61% Eskom tariff increase

Denene Erasmus

Eskom has been given the green light to increase electricity tariffs by 9.61%, less than half of what the utility wanted

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Construction mafias threaten best-laid development plans

Mark Swilling, chair of the Development Bank of Southern Africa, says the government's  infrastructure development programme in which it plays a key role and which is critical for the country's economic revival, is being threatened by local construction ...

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OPINION | Budget requires a refocus on long-term health-care funding

The presentation of the 2022/23 National Budget is expected to take place with the consensus that SA has largely exited the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, while other geographies still grapple with high daily cases.

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK | New Nokia payment plan grows market for smartphones in Africa

Consumers who would not normally qualify for credit can now use the phone itself as the asset backing the loan, writes Arthur Goldstuck.

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