Art world techniques have a place in business

Improvisation and mindfulness can lead to intuitive insights and creative leadership solutions

Five new books to read in Black History Month

Monique Verduyn takes her pick from the best new works that illuminate different facets of the experience

BOOK REVIEW: Baddies abound in tome about capitalism in Africa

Malcolm Ray’s The Tyranny of Growth sets out to inform, educate and enlighten but it makes for hard work, writes John Fraser

PETER FABRICIUS: Will climate change make Africa a continent of arid and moist extremes?

While most countries will become drier, Central and East Africa will probably get much wetter

Of drowning, swimming, and reaching the other shore

Nozuko Siyotula’s debut novel Christopher spans generations and all the nuances of SA's history

BOOK REVIEW: The grotesqueries of American reality

Our Country Friends is a cracking social comedy that comes at an opportune time

BOOK REVIEW: Outa sizes up SA’s sham of a parliament

‘Permitted Plundering’ is an essential book that lays bare a major hole in our democracy

BOOK REVIEW: Accounting for the West’s political and military failure in Afghanistan

‘The Ledger’ provides a superb discussion on the costly and futile Western attempt to crush the Taliban

BOOK REVIEW: An SA cookbook that will become sticky with love

Michael Olivier’s Friends. Food. Flavour. is an appetising and lip-smacking tour around the cuisine of our rainbow nation

BOOK REVIEW: A deeper look at how the world views Rwanda

Michela Wrong’s book will be eye-opening for many and forces a reckoning with our own cognitive biases, writes David Gorin

BOOK REVIEW: All that is wrong with the new American Way

Noah Hawley’s novel is about standing up for the children at a time when ideologies have never been more polarised

BOOK REVIEW: A sleazy Westminster tale of politics and journalism

While at times the pace of Robert Peston’s ‘The Whistle Blower’ lags a bit, John Fraser finds it to be an enjoyable holiday read

BOOK REVIEW: Fleshing out Egon Schiele’s erotic muses

Journalist Sophie Haydock brings the artist’s figures to life through her writing in ‘The Flames’

BOOK REVIEW: Marrying music to politics in America’s Deep South

Fred de Vries has written a book that confronts racial politics in a manner few white South Africans would dare to write

The madness of war, driving soldiers insane

Three books capture terror of trenches and futility of war

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