Biden announces first wave of sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

White House says Russia has started an invasion of Ukraine with troop deployment to two breakaway regions

Colombia blames guerrilla group on forest fire surge

Government chided for not doing enough to stem deforestation as there have been more than 300 forest fires since mid-December

Canadian police aim to remove truckers in Covid-19 rules protest

Drivers and thousands of demonstrators have turned the streets around parliament into a party zone

Brazil mudslides triggered by heaviest rains in 90 years kill over 100

Harvests and mining in parts of Brazil under threat amid extreme rainfall

Fed eyes faster rate hikes if inflation remains stubborn

Minutes show officials are on alert for persistent inflation that would justify a faster pace of tightening

Wall Street and regulators diverge on return to offices

Financial firms want staff in one place, but government departments stick with a more flexible regime

Joe Biden says Russian invasion of Ukraine remains ‘distinctly possible’

US president warns the US has not yet verified the Kremlin’s claims that it is removing some troops from the border areas

Accounting firm Mazars cuts ties with Trump

The accounting firm says it no longer stands by the  annual financial statements it prepared for the Trump Organization

US seeks extradition of former Honduran president Hernandez on drugs charges

Juan Orlando Hernandez says he's ready to hand himself over after scores of police officers surround his home

Protesters close western Canada border crossings

Alberta and Manitoba border posts blocked by trucks and tractors

Bird flu spreads to two poultry flocks in Kentucky and Virginia

Birds in the affected flocks have been quarantined and will be killed

Lula sees Brazil’s independent central bank as ‘no obstacle’

The early signs of moderation from the front-runner in this year’s election have turned some investors bullish on Brazil

‘Love of Canada’ drives industry-shutting US-Canada bridge protest

Canada’s protesters were opposed to vaccine mandates, but some had other reasons for being there, including concerns about inequality

Canada police clear protesters blocking border bridge

Police make several arrests and clear protesters after the blockade of the land border crossing choked supply chains

Canada trucker protests over vaccinate-or-quarantine mandate enter third week

Police say they are dealing with sophisticated demonstrators blocking vital US-Canada border crossings and dealing a blow to the economy

Warning of possible trucker protest across the US

Department of homeland says protests could begin on February 13, when the Super Bowl is played in Los Angeles

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