Cash in on cannabis

SPONSORED | SilverLeaf Investments is a venture capital company set up to invest in cannabis

The exit phase of training interventions is vital — will trainees get jobs?

There are learners who have successfully gained employment after undergoing training, such as Lethaba Vacu, who is a pilot at FlySafair

Crispr surges 21% on results of in-human study using gene-editing tool

Crispr Therapeutics and Vertex report 'significant milestone' in gene editing to treat two inherited blood disorders

Shared office provider Venture Workspace opens in the suburbs

Start-up is building and managing shared work spaces in Cape Town suburbs

10 ways to reinvent your business in the digital age

SPONSORED | Business leaders share observations, lessons and insights at a Business Day Dialogue

Mines look to blast smart and save lives

AEL is winning over miners with cost-cutting emulsion explosives technology

Tesla a hit in Germany, which is the fastest-growing region for electric vehicles

With additional charging sites and improving products — and improved government input — this year will see Germany become the world’s ...

Toshiba puts Bain Capital consortium in the lead to buy its lucrative chip unit

Selling the chip division is seen as key to Toshiba’s survival, as one of Japan’s best-known firms battles to recover from multibillion-dollar ...

Lower sales hit Transpaco results

Transpaco says its headline earnings per share for the six months to December fell 7% to 117.9c

Facebook launches start-up programme in Paris

Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg praises the French capital as ‘a city of new ideas’, says entrepreneurs are the engine of growth around the world

Magnetising our way out of dirty water

Cape Town-based San Aqua HCA offers an advanced, cost-effective technology to clean water, writes Charlotte Mathews

TT100 awards show innovation is alive and thriving in SA

SPONSORED: Winners of 2016 TT100 Business Innovation Awards help overcome SA's unique challenges

Pioneers do not take short cuts to success

Innovation is not a commodity; it results from attitudes and the actions that flow from them, writes Katherine Madley

Anti-piracy software for bounty

Security software solutions firm Custos Media Technology plants unique BitCoin wallets as bounty to track pirated media

App lifeline for small-scale fishers

The Abalobi app will be the information management system for the small-scale fisheries industry, writes Sarah Wild

Community project thrives on excellent design

The Log Lab is a hi-tech, multipurpose venue fitted inside a container, and used as a self-sustaining classroom by day and a business by night, writes Caren ...

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