LETTER: Caught between a Bric and a hard place

SA is turning a blind eye as the world faces a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions

4 hours ago
LETTER: No ANC faction must control the independent corruption busters so urgently needed

When politics becomes a toxic vehicle for criminal activity the need for state intervention is obvious

LETTER: No more kowtowing to ‘gringos’

The US and Nato have no right to meddle in Russia’s affairs

LETTER: Let’s be honest about empowerment law

Requests for a small business to verify its status means more red tape and higher costs

LETTER: Even the word ‘banking’ will fall out of use

In the metaverse, money will be defined by the nature of transactions

LETTER: To Russia, with love from Marshall Niehaus

SA can finally put its lone submarine and solitary fighter plane to good use

LETTER: ANC is not listening to what Max Coleman wanted

Promises of decisive action in government programmes have all crashed and burnt

LETTER: Ukraine will leave Russia scarred for life

Vladimir Putin has made clear his megalomaniac ambitions, but lessons from history show they'll backfire

LETTER: SA needs its coal economy

Foreign governments may be pushing so-called just energy transition on SA while refusing to reciprocate

LETTER: Is US hype on Ukraine another Iraq?

Americans fabricated evidence of weapons of mass destruction that led to a crippling war and failed state

LETTER: Quotas on foreign workers is just populism

Getting rid of foreigners and installing South Africans in their jobs is just a knee-jerk reaction by the ANC to losing ground the recent elections

LETTER: Tax deduction for retirement savings needs urgent attention

The investment industry must consult the government on this issue

LETTER: Putin’s big gamble in Ukraine

Russia’s recognition of independence of two breakaway regions is provocative

LETTER: Cutting essential services is not way to go

No customer should have services disconnected for arrears arising from lockdown

LETTER: Lack of basic services hurts small business in Rondebosch

Businesses left high and dry after theft of Telkom fibre cable

LETTER: Localisation will not bring growth

What is needed is reliable, cheap power, lower taxes and less red tape, as well as secure property rights

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