SHULI REN: Signs were there but Wall Street didn’t see China’s Huarong coming

Fund managers, who had bought Huarong for its investment grade, are now questioning infallibility of the country’s state-owned enterprises

NIR KAISSAR: It’s anyone’s guess how much crypto should be in a portfolio

Small percentage will do no harm despite bitcoin’s volatility being about 15 times that of the S&P 500

Options market offers central banks a way to build commodity price futures into thinking

Inflation modelling this century has been centred on prices excluding food and energy, removing the economy’s volatile elements — that is precisely the ...

Argentina’s forced marriage with IMF is on the rocks again

The country limps from crisis to crisis, mainly because of political dysfunction

CLIVE CROOK: What Ukraine can learn from Finland

The main thing is that Ukraine wants to be seen as an independent sovereign nation, not a Russian appendage

BROOKE SUTHERLAND: A deafening $1.5-trillion headache for 3M

War veterans are suing the US multinational claiming it sold them defective earplugs

Former banker takes on Peloton in virtual reality cycling

Eric Min started Zwift for cyclists wanting a better indoor training experience and it is now the go-to platform for Tour de France winners

Oil surplus stockpiles evaporate as balances become tight

‘Missing crude’ has been used up in China and Saudi Arabia petrochemicals plants

CONOR SEN: ‘Boomflation’ is preferable to recession

Letting inflation run hotter than planned is a better outcome than crushing economic growth with overly severe interest rate increases.

CONOR SEN: Boomflation — the Fed is in a tight corner

Boomflation - a combination of fast growth and hot inflation - might not be ideal, but it beats an unnecessary recession brought on by adhering to an arbitrary ...

Falling wages compound UK’s cost-of-living crisis

Things are about to get even worse for Britain’s most vulnerable families, thanks to rising National Insurance, council taxes and energy bills

TIM CULPAN: SoftBank’s failure to sell Arm is costly but may not be its biggest concern

Share in Alibaba, Softbank’s most important asset, have fallen 56% over the past year, dragging the net asset value of SoftBank

LIONEL LAURENT: Retirement as an asset class risks dying out

Doubts hitting France’s Orpea are spreading to the premium end of the care market

CHRIS BRYANT: Carmakers must think electric — and small

EVs don’t have to be massive. Smaller, more efficient cars would consume fewer resources and make roads a lot safer

ANDREA FELSTED: Unilever breakup a real prospect as units may be worth more apart than together

If Unilever is able to sell food rather than demerge it, CEO Alan Jope could have up to about €50bn of cash to spend to fund purchases or share buybacks

Myanmar eyes digital currency in bid to boost economy

Central Bank considering pros and cons of State Administration Council’s proposal

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