Biden poised to select first black female Supreme Court judge

The US president is trying to lay the groundwork for a bipartisan vote

8 hours ago
UK and Germany slam Russia’s ‘path of bloodshed’ in Ukraine

Kyiv says it is a full invasion as it closes its airspace amid reports of rocket attacks

updated 8 hours ago
US Postal Service signs deal to buy 165,000 mostly petrol-powered mail trucks over 10 years

Biden administration officials failed to persuade the independent agency to buy climate-friendly electric vehicles

UN’s Guterres warns of global ‘moment of peril’ over Ukraine crisis

UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres says if  Russia invades Ukraine ‘the world could see a scale and severity of need unseen for many years’

WTO says trade ministers to convene in June

It'll be the first time in over four years they’ll meet after the November conference was postponed  over  Swiss travel restrictions

WHO unveils second Covid-19 vaccine training hub in South Korea

World Health Organization says five more countries — Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Serbia and Vietnam — will receive support from its mRNA technology ...

IMF advises BOE to sell £650bn in bonds to shrink balance sheet

The fund also criticised the Bank for lack of clarity over gilt sales

Nigeria sues JPMorgan for $1.7bn over oilfield deal

US bank calls claim over transfers to former minister ‘baseless’

Ukraine declares state of emergency as tensions rise

EU leaders to hold emergency summit and impose sanctions on all Russia legislators who voted to recognise separatist regions

Cuba slams US over Ukraine crisis and calls for diplomacy

Cuba’s foreign ministry said the US, Havana’s  long-time rival, had ramped up threats against Putin, aggravating the crisis

Burkina Faso blast kills scores at informal gold mining site

One person has been arrested after a powerful explosion killed at least 63 and injured 40

Markets brush aside ‘first tranche’ of Russia sanctions

White House defends measured approach after Putin recognises breakaway territories in Ukraine

‘North Korea urgently needs 60-million Covid vaccines’

Country is on the verge on humanitarian disaster with about 26-million people facing starvation as borders remain closed

World’s first octopus farm sparks ethical debate

As scientists discover more about the enigmatic animals some warn it could be an ethical and environmental disaster

Covax says vaccine supply outstrips demand for first time

Poorer nations are now grappling with a lack of cold-storage facilities, vaccine hesitancy and distribution networks

China goes all out to boost home-grown soyabeans

Country is the world’s biggest importer of the legume and wants to reduce its heavy reliance on food imports

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